Single, Successful and in Need of an Escort

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Dreams Can Come True

It was hard to believe that last night was my first date in almost three years. All though I had to purchase my date through the Manchester escorts, it was well worth every penny spent. The lady that provided me with company was something very special. She made me feel as if I was King and had everything she had ever wanted. I had our night planned out two days before I even called the agency, just so I could prepare myself for what was to come. I am very glad that I did because this girl was much more than I expected. I treated her to numerous drinks, a fantastic dinner, a walk throughout the city and a comfy place to sit at my place. She shocked me when she agreed to coming to my place for a drink. Thankfully for me, I had cleaned the day before.

Marriott Royal Hotel

I travel frequently for work and no matter where I am sent, I always get put up in a nice hotel. My latest stay was at the Marriott Royal Hotel, and my room overlooked the harbor. My room was very stylish and spacious for my one-week stay. The first two days I had meeting after meeting and those days seemed so long. After the meetings where over I could do what I wanted for the next 5 days until my plane took off for home.

One night I was eating at the riverside restaurant at my hotel a beautiful woman approached me. She was asking for directions, and I told her I wasn’t from this area; I was on a business trip. I bought her a couple of drinks, and she told me that she worked for the Nottingham escorts agency. She was mine the rest of the week until it was time for me to go home!